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Eric Shrine

Nicknames: "Wraith" "Crossfire"

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Occupation: Soldier

Any Former Occupations: Void


Race: Caucasian

Body Type: Void

Eyes: Void

Hair: Void

Clothes: Typical Army uniform, except he has a Beanie instead of a helmet, and a face mask over his lower face.

Misc: Void

Accessories: Void

Preferred Weapons: Bushmaster ACR(or M4A1 SOPMOD, depends) with a Thermal sight and Masterkey; M14 Sniper Rifle(and any sight needed for the mission); on occasion Barret M82 50. Cal sniper rifle. Desert Eagle; M1911; a couple frags; a bit of C4. A Ka-Bar and Bowie(I have tested on myself, All can be carried, except the 50. Cal of course)

Other Info:

Rank: Master Sergeant

Backstory: Was born in Colorado, but moved to Scotland when he was 5. Lived there until he was 15, then moved back to the US. After that he joined the Army 3 years later. Moving on to conquer the Army Ranger course with flying colors. He is a deashot sniper, but adept in all forms of warfare. earned the name "Wraith" because of his ghost like movements on stealth missions. "Crossfire" Came from his always succesful strategy: catch the enemy in a crossfire.

Claudius William Aerlorn

Nicknames: Void

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Occupation: Soldier

Any former occupations: Historian, hippie


Body type: Skinny

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark brown, long (reaching to collarbone), and a walrus mustache and goatee

Clothes: Void

Misc: Tan skin color and rather full of facial hair

Accessories: Acer laptop, GPS, First Aid Kit, Kindle 3G, extra magazines, and food

Preferred Weapons: Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle with ACOG and M230 grenade launcher, as well as a bayonet and a 3 1/2-foot basket claymore

Other Info: Void