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  • Danthemanb

    Time twist!

    February 5, 2010 by Danthemanb

    (Lpg: Even though it sounds like I am stealing your time idea read the story and you will find it is nothing like any of your time blogs.)

    An old professor by the name John J Norrer (Nor-er) was having is picture displayed on every TV news channel, the story was as follows, "A old professor John J Norrer has made history, or rather, made it so we could see history, that's right with his 53 years of work on a machine that supposedly can take you back in time, He calls this machine the "Time viewer". He tells us about the amazing piece of equipment that may change the world as we know it!" A picture comes up of a old, grey haired man talking in front of a large body of people. "Understand me, my machine can not change history, but it can takā€¦

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