• Evil Fox Warlord

    Make up a vermin/lizard/otter char and rewrite Redwall's history! Did the corsair revolt defeat Ublaz? Does Martin the second fail to free the abbot? Does the attack on Lutra fail? Does Barranca or Romsca survive? Choose a side and determine the fate of both friend & foe alike!

    Second in command:



    Soldiers: Stelariss(Me),

    Bodyguards of Ublaz:

    Captains: Goldring (Female ferret)(me),

    Bosuns: Redrunn(Male fox)(Me),

    Deck hands:

    Officers: Thorn(Male stoat)

    Tavern keepers:




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  • Evil Fox Warlord


    June 3, 2010 by Evil Fox Warlord

    This is not the world map, but the redall map. There are 6 continents(N.Mossflower, Toadlands, Badlands, Marshes, Southsward, Coast) You must defeat all oponents to win. Everytime you capture a country, you gain 5 extra units. You start out with 3. you must choose 1 country to start out on then start conquering. Enjoy.

    As Admin, Martin2 dictates a map of Redwall should be used. The managing party is free to use his own map rather than this one:

    Southsward: Castle Floret, The Isle of lake Marl.

    Coast: Salamandastron, Redwall, Bat Mountpit

    N.Mossflower: Lingl-Dubbo cave, Crows Pine Grove, Gorge of foxes, Bowfleg's camp.

    Toadlands: Western mountains, Great South Stream.

    Badlands: Holt Lutra, Bobbo's den, caves of Luke's tribe.

    Marshes: Boldred's tun…

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  • Evil Fox Warlord

    Ok, this is like the game, Medieval Total War (PC), You must choose an army ( l neutral nations which you can name) You must fight and make allies. You must build new buildings and entertain yer citicen's to get new units. And you can attack you're enemie's villages to stop their food supply. To stop an attack on a village you must secure the area with troops. You're enemies are other players and the french, english, russians, germans, spaniards and barbarians.

    Villages: 3

    Army: 5 cross bowmen and 4 spearmen

    City: Paris

    Buildings in city: Farm, woodshed, blacksmith, barracks, 3 citicen houses, puppet stage.

    Gold: 45 gold

    Ruler: Reynard Chopsnout

    Victories: 6

    Villages: 5

    Army: 5 spearmen and 2 clubmen and 3 vollunteers

    City: Moscow

    Buildings in city: Gu…

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