Ok, this is like the game, Medieval Total War (PC), You must choose an army ( l neutral nations which you can name) You must fight and make allies. You must build new buildings and entertain yer citicen's to get new units. And you can attack you're enemie's villages to stop their food supply. To stop an attack on a village you must secure the area with troops. You're enemies are other players and the french, english, russians, germans, spaniards and barbarians.


Villages: 3

Army: 5 cross bowmen and 4 spearmen

City: Paris

Buildings in city: Farm, woodshed, blacksmith, barracks, 3 citicen houses, puppet stage.

Gold: 45 gold

Ruler: Reynard Chopsnout

Victories: 6


Villages: 5

Army: 5 spearmen and 2 clubmen and 3 vollunteers

City: Moscow

Buildings in city: Guardhouse, farm, barracks, 5 shacks, woodshed

Gold: 24

Ruler: Urgan Nagru the Foxwolf

Victories: 3


Villages: 3

Army: 5 slingers, two axemen and 2 vollunteers

City: Berlin

Buildings in city: Farm, woodshed, barracks, 3 cabins, barracks, blacksmith

Gold: 38

Ruler: Damug Warfang

Victories: 12


Villages: 3

Army: 10 longbowmen, 5 swordsmen

City: London

Buildings in city: Barracks, woodshed, 3 houses, farm, dock, blacksmith

Gold: 50

Ruler: Boar the Fighter

Victories: 10


Villages: 1

Army: 3 slingers, 2 clubmen, 5 axemen, 2 spearmen, 3 dartmen

City: Campground

Buildings: Tents, woodshed, farm, 1 shack

Gold: 26

Ruler: Gulo the Savage

Victories: 5


Villages: 3

Army: 5 slingers, 3 clubmen, 3 dartmen, 2 spearmen

City: (You name it)

Buildings in city: Guardhouse, small arena, woodhed, farm, 3 cabins.

Gold: 45

Ruler: Ferahgo the Assassin

Victories: 12


Ruler: Grandmaster Belisiarus(Thorn)

Villages: 2

Army: 4 vollunteers, 1 crosbowman

City: New Malta

Buildings in city: 2 houses, 1 woodshed, 1 barracks, 1 farm.

Gold: 45

Victories: 1


Ruler: Bane Slytung, the barbarian & bandit chief.

Villages: 2

Army: 5 slingers, 2 axemen, 5 vollunteers, 2 spearmen

City: Castle Floret

Buildings: 2 shacks, barracks,blacksmith, farm, woodshed.

Gold: 10


Better buildings can be upgraded from first ones

Woodshed: 12 gold for building

Shack: 3 gold for building-Cabin: 6 gold for building-House: 12 gold-Villa: 18 gold for building

Guardhouse: 10 gold-Barracks: 20 gold-Prison: 30 gold

Farm: 5 gold

Puppet theatre: 3 gold-Small arena: 15 gold-Theatre: 21 gold-Large arena: 31

Dock: 15 gold

Ship: 25 gold

Blacksmith: 14 gold


Slinger: 3 gold

Spearman: 6 gold

Swordsman: 25 and blacksmith

Longbowman: 15 gold

Crossbowman: 10 gold

Clubman: 2 gold

Axeman: 25 and blacksmith

Dartman: 3 gold

Vollunteers armed with pitchforks, torches: 3 gold

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