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    April 28, 2010 by Neildown

    Yes, another fighting RPG by me. This one is quite simple. Players enter and use almost any means necessary to pummel each other. When the fighting starts dying down I will set a date on which fighting stops. All users, players or non, will then vote on who gave the best fight. You will only be allowed one vote and players cannot vote for themselves. Rules of voting will come later.

    • Basic rules:

    You can be killed and you are not invincible, but you have infinite lives.

    No player can gain the use of any infinite powers, such as infinite soldiers, zombies, unicorns, etc.

    No weapons of mass destruction.

    You are allowed to make alliances and are also allowed to break them.

    You may also "hire" other players and may also resort to "bribery". [but rememb…

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  • Neildown


    December 8, 2009 by Neildown

    WARNING This novel contains extremely graphic war violence and some language - the author advises parental discretion for anyone 14 years old or younger.

    Note to readers: Though this story gives political opinions on real-life countries, agencies, and organizations, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the author or DoomRPG. This story is fiction laid atop the real world, its events, and things altered or biased in order to fit the story.


    Sean Drummer sat at an old, sturdy-looking, wooden desk behind the scenes at his grocery mart, Savings. The room he was in looked like the inside of a modern peasant house - the walls a sick yellow color, rotted slightly at the corners and edges, with small cobwebs stuck on the ceiling & cr…

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