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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    I've had this idea for years. You start out as any HUMAN character and you get four weapons (a long weapon, a close-range, a long-range (ie: longbow, crossbow), and a special) and any sort of armour. Then you travel throughout this world I made up. (NOTE: I need someone to draw a map!) The military units are based on those of my Player vs. Player RPG. Every city has shops and a market, where you can sell items for money.

    1. No swearing or being innappropriate.

    2. No immediate killing.

    3. No fighting in a battle and killing thousands of enemies and surviving without a single scratch.

    4. No immediate traveling. You can travel anywhere you like, but tell me where you want to go.

    5. You cannot be a unit type. You must have your special clothing and…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    Go ahead and draw some. Put them on my talk page. I may need help with some units.

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    This is a public game now! Yay!

    In this you can play against another player. You just leave in a comment which user you want to fight, and I'll let him or her know. There are several types of battles you can fight:

    1. Siege: One player is the defender, the other is the attacker. The defender cannot have siege weapons or cavalry (cavalry is fine once the attacker has breached the castle). The attacker uses archers and siege weapons to destroy the castle, but cannot use cavalry until inside the castle. The attacker can use infantry on siege belfries and assault ladders.

    2. Skirmish: Only 20 units at least for each team. This is a fun short battle, where whoever surrenders, retreats, or is annihilated loses. Archers and cavalry are good units to…

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